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We decided to raise sheep for many reasons. They are a smaller easily handled animal. They produce meat just eating grasses and other plants without causing damage to the environment

The breed we chose, Katahdin, is in a class called ‘hair sheep”. Although they do produce wool in the winter months, they shed this wool in the spring so they do not need shearing. Katahdin’s do not need to have their tails docked because of the lack of wool in the warm months. We like the way they express themselves with their tails.

 They are also less susceptible to parasites and overall are a very hardy breed. The meat they produce is mild flavored. Because of the lack of wool there is almost no lanolin which is what causes lamb to taste gamey. They are good mothers who birth easily, they have a rich milk supply which give their lambs a strong start and allow them to grow quickly and vigorously.
Look for lambs this spring. The best are registered and will be sold as breeding stock.  The rest provide us with great tasting meat.

I have 10 registered ewe lambs born April 2015 for sale unbred at this time but can breed if you are interested. They are $250 each
Katahdin Sheep  Registered
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