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Thornpaw Lea Farm
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Our chickens are all dual purpose breeds. They were chosen for their ability to free range. Although they do not lay as many eggs as a commercial egg-laying breed, their hardiness and meat producing abilities are worth the trade off. They have a coop where they roost at night and where they lay their eggs. During daylight they roam all over the farm foraging for tasty young greens and bugs. During winter there is not a lot out there to forage, though they still go out every day and soak up the sunshine. We bring them vegetable and salad scraps from home and they are more than happy to eat them!

  For Turkeys we have decided to stick with Bourban Reds. We hatched some poults from our big tom and hens and we have acquired birds from several other lines to improve our breeding program.We will be offering turkeys this fall. For breeding or eating.  Let us know if you are interested. I have some beautiful young birds. Be aware that these are not big broad-breasted birds. But they are very tasty. They forage even more than the chickens. 

Saxony Ducks are our choice.  They wander the pastures and help keep them parasite free.   

Pilgrim Geese are becoming rare and we are doing our part to keep them around. Last winter we had someone leap over the locked gate and steal 7 of our breeding ducks and 7 of the breeding geese.  We still hatched out some babies but have limited numbers for sale.

Poultry and Eggs