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Thornpaw Lea Farm
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Our Story
In 1978, we (Robert and Therese) started our first farming adventure on a 5 acre hobby farm outside of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. It was our dream come true to have a little farm of our own. Rob was on the road for most of the week and and Therese took care of the farm and the kids. When hard times hit in the eighties and jobs were hard to come by, they moved back to their home state of Illinois. Therese obtained her nursing degree and Robert continued working as an electrician. Although both had successful careers, they never stopped dreaming and hoping that one day we would be able to farm the land again.

Upon Robert's retirement in 2012, they decided to find a piece of land close enough to their home in Algonquin and Therese's place of employment and build a farm from the ground up. Their 5 daughters jumped in to help out. Their 5 grandchildren love to spend a day on the farm.