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Thornpaw Lea Farm
 Call us at: (847)477-4399
or (224)587-8832
Our Mission
We are hard working folks. We don't mind getting dirty.  Some people golf, some people boat...  we farm. 

We started this adventure in 2011 to provide high quality food products,  organically, ethically and sustainably raised for our large family and to offer the same to our local community. 

​Our mission is to reclaim our 10 acres from years of grain farming, improving the soil by rotating our crops and livestock and by adding bionutrients back into the soil. 

Our mission is to grow organic and non-GMO vegetables and fruits without the use of pesticides or antibiotics. We use heritage and organic seeds. We water our crops with water from our solar powered well.

Our mission is to raise pasture fed, hogs, sheep, cows and free range poultry without the use of antibiotics or GMO feed and allow our livestock to live more natural lives.

We are Thornpaw Lea Farm.
Thornpaw Lea Farm ® | Telephone: 224.587.8832 or 847.477.4399 | E-mail: Thornpawleafarm@att.net | Marengo, IL